Let’s see

Every single sense is extremely important for living. Truly, when you lose one, it suddenly becomes the most important. Personally, I always considered the sense of sight to be one of the most important senses and was already unhappy about being short-sighted and astigmatic, not to mention having optic neuritis as a symptom of multipleContinue reading “Let’s see”

Energy – cross and delight

The vast majority of people  strive to achieve and maintain a high energy level early in the morning and throughout the day. However, this is one of the biggest topics I believe no one can understand and it can’t be fully explained: being tired even if you haven’t done much. This constant fatigue can beContinue reading “Energy – cross and delight”

A broken immune system

Our entire body, and in particular the immune system, knows the best. I completely appreciate this is a significant statement, particularly when the immune system appears to be “broken”, not functioning according to its natural role and attacks ourselves.  However, I still love my immune system and its ability to fight external pathogens and itContinue reading “A broken immune system”

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