A life changing diagnosis

I don’t really like to talk about myself. However, here I am, starting the first sentence of this blog post with the first-person pronoun and writing about myself, in particular the health condition that has affected most of my life and the ways I’m facing it, the tricks and benefits discovered and tested along the way, and with which I’ve been helping myself and others.

The diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) hit me and my family when I was only 14 years old, making it one of the earliest case diagnosis in the world at that time.

Brain scans

Honestly, I didn’t understand much of what was happening, despite being extremely perceptive and curious.

Belonging to an emotionally-strong family and being the youngest daughter of a single Super-Mom, the only thing I recognised was that the newly diagnosed disease was an obstacle to face and overcome, we were all going to do it together and I must have been grateful because it was “just this” and not “something more serious”. Indeed, one of the first Doctors I met was prone to diagnose me with a brain tumour as I had no sensitivity whatsoever in my right hand.

Teen me

Since that memory of nearly 22 years ago, my body has gone through many relapses and all the possible symptoms involved in the MS as well as several treatments. I’m still receiving Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) infusion every six months.

However… ,

thanks to the power of a very healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, I’ve been able to not only reduce the side effects of the medications, but also radically ameliorate my overall health, physically, psychologically and emotionally. 

I became vegan over a decade ago, thanks to my ex-fiancé Marco to whom I will be grateful all my life for helping me to open my eyes and mind to the healthiest lifestyle ever.

Since then, I became more compassionate, above all towards myself and my body, implementing a transformative 360º lifestyle approach.


During these years, I have seen my body and immune system getting stronger despite immunosuppressant drugs, even recovering from “brain scars” and I am willing to write more about this revitalising journey in the upcoming posts.

I am truly and strongly convinced about the healing power of my lifestyle and will share with you how the process of nourishing the body and mind has helped me to overcome disease symptoms, completely forget about the health condition and living an amazing and fulfilling life.

Some healthy foods

Honestly, I’ve been writing for several years now and postponed till now while struggling with doubts, imposture syndrome, short-term memory and a severe sight impairment. I’ve now taken the plunge to publish this content in order to remind myself of all the good ideas and tricks I might (constantly) need. 

Signing off now.



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