Hi! My name is Alex and I’m a health coach and blogger.

I’m passionate about nutrition and fitness.

My blog shares my healthy lifestyle tricks and tips while facing a chronic condition.

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Being diagnosed in my teenage years and changing my lifestyle half way through provided me with the opportunity to compare the first 10 years and afterwards as well as embrace and  implement changes to ameliorate my life and others’.

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Some background:

As a kid, I’ve always prioritized studying, despite being diagnosed with a chronic condition. Later on in life, I discovered the beauty of prioritizing myself, my physical and mental health, also helping others to put their own well-being first.

I now coach beautiful souls facing chronic conditions by helping them to improve their lifestyle, and excel at living life, becoming the healthiest and fittest version of themselves.

After a Bachelor and Masters degree in Science, I discovered my passion and commitment to nutrition and have undertaken several certificates in nutrition, attending Lifestyle Medicine summits and I’m now a proud affiliate member of the UK and International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA).

I’ve spent over a decade implementing evidence-based lifestyle wellness practices to help others and myself to become the healthiest versions of our own beings.

Using these wellbeing practices, I help to gradually increase my clients’ abilities to improve the health behaviors they want to address, empowering them to become the expert of their own health.

I do hope that my blog posts inspire readers with insights, hopes and motivation.

In health and wealth,

Alex x

A bit more about me

I am originally from the beautiful southern coast of Italy and I have now lived in the UK for over 13 years.

I love cooking, volunteering and cycling.
I feel at my best when in nature, particularly on the sea side.

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