Health Coach Alex

Helping people facing life with chronic conditions to flourish, and become the healthiest & fittest version of themselves.

Nutrition, fitness, and mindset are the three pillars of health and wellness – they are at the core of my client-centred approach.

I work with individuals facing chronic conditions to ameliorate their lives, applying an extensive scientific background, passion, and over ten years experience in helping others.

Together, we identify the main health challenges. then set goals and an action plan.  I continue to support them throughout achieving the aims to improve their quality of life, working together as allies through the transformation.

My fee includes access to a vast range of materials to help achieve the changes you desire.

I wish I’d met someone who could’ve helped and supported me the same way I have now been successfully helping myself and others.

If I can help you to flourish and overcome defeat, that’s a life well-lived.

– Coach Alex

I am an affiliate member of the UK & International Health Coaching Association (UKIHCA).

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