“I have known Alex for 7 years and have watched her take responsibility for her health and the health of others by meticulous care, research and understanding of the environment she lives in and the products ingested by the body.

I have found Alex to be patient and understanding. She is excellent at explaining the background and intuitively helps one towards a solution. She is passionate about ethical and healthy lifestyles and choices.

I have found her to be a cheerleader, full of gratitude and hope. Given what she is going through, all o can say is, she is a joy to behold!”


“Alex was amazing to work with. I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck and Alex helped me get clear on the things I needed to focus on first in order to make progress with my health. She helped me set up a simple plan and helped me stick to it. It was so helpful having Alex on hand to keep me accountable, on track, and inspired to keep making positive changes. Would definitely recommend!!”


“Alex is an inspiration! Her kind, compassionate and joyful view on life is simply something wonderful. She’s patient and careful to explain until you understand completely. Alex not only changed the lives of me and my immediate family but those of my extended families too. Her wisdom simply has a ripple effect on those in her presence. I am honoured that she crossed my path. Namaste Alex.”


Alex has extensive knowledge on health and wellness from her learnings and experience, very approachable and with all the positive energy she brings with her presence. It’s been a pleasure meeting Alex”


“Alex has provided ongoing nutritional coaching to help support me effectively manage my health condition and to achieve improved energy so I can achieve my health and fitness goals. As a Registered Nurse myself I really appreciate that she is alway able to provide scientific evidence to support my understanding of nutrition.”


I always love to read on your advice, it is helpful info on how to take care of of our bodies and minds.


Hi Coach Alex

It’s not very often that I go on to the PC to leave reviews but I have to leave a review for yourself because as you know I like yourself also have Multiple Sclerosis and have been following your advice and guidance since November 2022 and I have been impressed by the nutritional information you have given me.

I have lost two stones since November 2022.

I am extremely impressed with myself, feel a lot better than I used to and I mean to carry on with your advice.

Thank you for all of your advice & guidance 🙏🏾.


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